Board of Directors

About UsOne Community Health’s board of directors is made up of Columbia Gorge community members. Over half are also our patients. The board of directors volunteers their time to advise us on how best to serve the community and to ensure that we are fulfilling our mission. We very much appreciate their time and dedication. Occasionally, there is an opening to serve on the board.

If you are interested, please contact us.

Board Members 

Kristen Dillon, Board Chair: Kristen Dillon, MD is a family physician who has been working in Hood River since 2000 and joined the board in 2011. She currently serves as the Director of Columbia Gorge Coordinated Care Organization, which manages the Oregon Health Plan for the region. An award-winning provider, who in 2016 received “Oregon Family Doctor of the Year” award by the Oregon Academy of Physicians, Dr. Dillon has served our community professionally and in a volunteer capacity for a number of years. For example, she has been instrumental in volunteering for organizations that have collaborated to address issues around food insecurity and health challenges within the Mid-Columbia region. In fall 2016, Dr. Dillon received notable recognition for such efforts when, on behalf of our region, she and others local leaders accepted the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s “Culture of Health Prize.” The award honors communities that are making great strides toward elevating health and sustaining that success through innovative programs serving those most vulnerable in our community. It also celebrates the leaders, such as Dr. Dillon, and organizations, including One Community Health, that have helped make these critical improvements possible. We are very honored to have Dr. Dillon as our board chair!

Shanon Saldivar, Vice-Chair: Bio Coming Soon.

Shawn Whalen, Treasurer: Bio Coming Soon.

Amy Klee, Secretary: Amy is an apparel designer with special interest in project management, fundraising and event planning.  She joined the board in 2010.

Susan Gabay: Susan is the former program manager with the Oregon Department of Human Services District 9. She retired from this position in April 2017, where she spent many years overseeing the self-sufficiency program. Here, she faithfully helped provide equitable services and opportunities for people and according to need. In 1991, she joined the One Community Health board of directors. Since then, she’s maintained tireless enthusiasm for our organization, plus a sincere appreciation for our purpose here in The Columbia River Gorge. For Susan, serving as a board member is meaningful not just because of the goals accomplished but also because she gets to serves alongside other devoted people who collaborate to improve life for the residents in our region. Susan says she feels honored to contribute to the functions of our Federally Qualified Health Center, which enables people to receive medical care regardless of insurance or ability to pay. Outside of her volunteer role with us, Susan actively promotes the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), which supports a number of individuals and groups in our community.

Melissa Reyes, Board Member: Bio Coming Soon.

Elizur Bello, Board Member: Bio Coming Soon.

Ian Chandler, Board Member: As the Director of Field Operations for Orchard View Inc., Ian knows what it takes to cultivate success. Whether it’s success in the orchards or in the One Community Health board room, it undoubtedly requires hard work, a commitment from start to finish, and a passion for getting results. Ian joined our board in 2015 and enjoys learning about our organization, health care and engaging with fellow board members. Impressed with our mission to serve all in our community, Ian says he’s proud to be affiliated with us. Yet as a veteran who served six years as a United States Army Infantry Officer, Ian is clearly no stranger to service. Today, he’s helping shape both the present and future direction of One Community Health. When not working at Orchard View or volunteering for us, Ian enjoys helping people out in other ways, such as coaching youth soccer teams, teaching them how to achieve success, too.

William “Bill” Noonan, Board Member: A board member since 2015, Bill brings a host of talents and skills to our table. He’s a a management consultant, an executive coach and the author of “Discussing the Undiscussable: A Guide to Overcoming Defensive Routines in the Workplace” (Jossey-Bass, 2007). Through that collective lens, Bill is committed to moving organizations forward in productive, healthy ways. Whether working professionally in his own business or volunteering for us, he views it all as a privilege and a way to do something that matters. In both roles, he gets to drop into so many different worlds while pursuing the same goal: making a difference. Apart from this, Bill likes to have fun! He enjoys gardening, hiking, biking and swimming. He also travels with his wife whenever possible. And here’s an interesting tidbit about Bill: He’s got a Ph.D and although most people assume this degree is in business, it’s actually not. Rather, his doctorate is in religious studies, specifically the psychology of religion.

Mark Thomas, Board Member Mark Thomas joined our board in March 2015. He is a clinical chaplain and member of the administrative team at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital.  

Eric Shrum, Board Member: Eric took a seat on our board in 2016 and says he’s appreciated getting to be part of an organization that provides health care needs to the underserved and underappreciated in our community. He works in the agricultural industry, serving as a horticulture and pest consultant with Western Ag Improvement, an independent agricultural supply company. Here, he helps tree and fruit growers in the Mid-Columbia region, giving them advice and support that helps ensure the wellness of their farms and orchards. When not working or volunteering for us, he spends his time on a number of hobbies—photography, woodworking, gardening and hiking. And in winter and early spring, don’t be surprised if you see him out and about on our local basketball courts. Bill is a referee and helps out at schools for all age levels.