Weight Management Curriculum

“Our Path to Good Health”

How-Do-I-questionThis is a 200+ page guide for healthy weight management programs and launching a formal or informal health promoter program. “Our Path to Good Health” includes:

• A comprehensive Program Guide for program administrators (English only). This portion discusses recruitment and management of the program, as well as the background on how it was developed. It also discusses some of our results from our extensive evaluation of the project.

• A Classes Guide to orient and support the facilitators who will conduct the weight management classes (Spanish and English). This portion gives specific instructions to the facilitators on preparation for the classes.

• A curriculum of 20 Classes (Spanish and English) for future peer educators to learn and apply healthy weight management strategies. These classes are the foundation for a community weight management program in your community. As participants learn how to manage their own weight, they learn skills for helping others do the same.

Our Path to Good Health Manual – English – 5.2 mb (pdf)