Health Information and Recipe Book

About UsThis is a 38-page, easy-to-read collection of illustrated health information and simple recipes in Spanish and English (both in the same book, yellow pages in English, green pages in Spanish). It is the product of outreach work we did with volunteer health promoters working to encourage healthy weight management in the community. The recipes come from the Latino health promoters themselves, and reflect the key messages about weight management we promote. “Bellas Mujeres” is how the health promoters refer to themselves, emphasizing the beauty that we all have, regardless of our weight, and the importance of self-esteem.  The book also includes words of encouragement from the “Bellas Mujeres.”

The 33 recipes are simple and easy to follow. Instead of grouping them by meal type (“soups, salads, entrées”), they are grouped by categories of food they we encourage people to eat, such as vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat proteins. This makes it easier for people to learn how to incorporate those foods into their diet.

Health Information & Recipe Book (English)

Health Information & Recipe Book (Spanish)