Our Services

The-Gorge-From-Cathedral-JulioOne Community Health (formerly known as La Clínica del Cariño Family Health Care Center, Inc.) makes high-quality health care a real and lasting option for our entire Columbia Gorge community.  Our experienced, highly trained doctors, dentists, physician assistants and nurses work each day to provide you and your family with the best care possible. Above all, it is our mission to advance health and social justice for all members of our community.

  • Care You Can Afford — We are committed to providing affordable care for our community. We welcome patients with private insurance, Medicare, and Oregon and Washington Medicaid, and offer an affordable sliding fee discount schedule if you do not have insurance.  Sliding Fee Discount Schedule (PDF)
  • Care You Can Trust — We believe all people deserve to have their health concerns heard and understood. That’s why our providers and support staff encourage patients to ask questions and actively participate in their own care.
  • Services for Your Entire Family — We offer a wide range of medical and dental services for newborns, children and adults, including pregnancy care, health education services, minor surgery, and more. We also offer behavior health care and a host of health and wellness services and programs.
  • Interpretive Services — Access to an interpreter or other language assistance is available.
  • Three Health Centers to Choose From — Visit us at our main Hood River location, our Hood River Valley High School Health Center site, or our state-of-the-art facility in The Dalles.