Dental-ServicesOne Community Health is the primary dental care home for 5,000 patients in the Gorge. We offer both preventative and general dental services:

  • dental cleanings for adults and children
  • exams
  • x-rays and panoramic x-rays
  • periodontal scaling
  • fluoride application
  • sealants
  • restorative fillings
  • extractions
  • pulpotomy / limited root canals

We work closely with patients to help them maintain healthy teeth and prevent dental emergencies before they occur.

Although we treat a variety of populations, we have a particular focus on dental care for families, pregnant women and patients with diabetes. If you are pregnant, you may be referred to our dental program through our medical prenatal program. Providing you with dental care both reduces risk to your baby (since the bacteria that cause dental decay is transmissible), and ensures that you and your children receive preventative dental care in the future.

We also work closely with health promoters to identify children in the community who are in need of dental care, and provide them with the preventative care and fluoride supplements they need. Finally, given the fact that severe periodontal disease is present in a third of the diabetic population, our dental staff works closely with our medical team to ensure that diabetics are referred to the dental program and receive a comprehensive dental exam.