Health Promotion

About UsWhat is a Certified Community Health Worker (CHW)? Since 1988, One Community Health (OCH) has been recognized nationally for its innovative health promotion programs. Leading this program are our “community health workers” (CHWs), who are certified community leaders trained under the supervision of a nurse manager to help individual patients, families, and communities get the health education and care they need. Our CHWs are bilingual and bi-cultural and able to bridge cultural and language gaps between contemporary medical/nursing care and the lives of low-income, often uninsured patients.

What are examples of the kinds of work a CHW might do? Our certified Community Health Workers help and advocate for patients in a variety of ways. Generally, they support the following programs at OCH:

Perinatal. Expectant mothers receiving care at OCH are eligible to participate in our Perinatal Program, which provides prenatal and postpartum care, support, and education. A certified community health worker in this program will develop a close relationship with an expectant mother. The community health worker educates the mother on the importance of regular prenatal checkups, arranges for lab work, assists the doctor with routine OB visits, and visits the new mother in the hospital (or at her home after she has had the baby) to make sure she is recovering from childbirth and to offer infant care and breastfeeding support.

Salud (Chronic Illness Management). OCH’s Salud program (available in Hood River and The Dalles) provides education and support to patients living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. Salud Community Health Workers are part of the medical care team, making sure patients receive the specialized education needed to manage chronic illness. Among other things, we offer support in regard to proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management and may refer patients in need to community resources (such as housing assistance) when appropriate.

Pasos (Steps to Wellness). Unlike the Salud program, which is open to OCH patients only, the Pasos program is available to anyone in the community who wants to learn the long-term lifestyle changes necessary for chronic disease prevention and management. Our certified Community Health Workers in this program conduct wellness courses which focus on nutrition, exercise, and stress management for overall wellness and weight control. Classes run for 12 weeks and encourage high levels of individual and class participation.

Witness the success yourself in our STEPS TO WELLNESS VIDEO!

Farmworker Outreach. Our certified Community Health Workers organize seasonal cherry and pear harvest camp visits in Wasco, Hood River and Klickitat counties. Camp visit activities include food distributions, information about community resources, weight management education, diabetes prevention education, and diabetes and hypertension screenings. Farmworkers can be referred to OCH if more specific care is needed.

Meet Our Certified Community Health Workers:

Vicky ValleVicky Valle, Perinatal Program Vicky Valle has worked for OCH’s Perinatal program since 1991 as both a certified Community Health Worker and a Perinatal case manager. She enjoys providing prenatal and postpartum education to pregnant and postpartum women and their families, both one-on-one and in group settings. She helps to ensure that women get adequate prenatal care, which reduces complications in the pregnancy, and she has seen first-hand our excellent results in pregnancy outcomes and breastfeeding. She is widely known and respected in our community for her years of service helping families adjust to the arrival of a new baby. Her patience, kind heart and extensive knowledge make her a real asset to our team.

Delfina Reyes

Delfina Reyes, Perinatal Program Delfina Reyes has worked for OCH’s Perinatal program since 2005. She provides education and support to pregnant women and women who have recently had a baby. She enjoys working with pregnant women and helping them get the care and services they need, such as dental exams. Delfina thinks it’s important for OCH to have health promotion programs because patients are often more relaxed about talking to the Community Health Workers than they are talking to their doctor and the Community Health Workers have the opportunity to give them that extra care and attention. Delfina has been a valuable treasure to our perinatal team, establishing beautiful relationships and continuity of care.


Evaristo Romero, Salud Program Evaristo Romero has worked for OCH’s Salud program since 2003. He loves the opportunity to teach patients and make a difference in their disease management. He has recently gained new skills in helping people manage their weight in a healthy way and has been very popular in that role! He teaches classes and provides one-on-one support for many patients. He knows that health promotion programs enable the clinic to reach many more people in ways that are effective for conveying health information and support.   

Maria Acevedo, Salud Program Born and raised in the Columbia River Gorge, Maria Acevedo discovered her interest in becoming a community health worker after her father experienced an illness. While he was sick, she played the role of “translator,” helping advocate for him during his provider visits to get the health education and support he needed. After joining One Community Health in 2015, Maria quickly worked toward gaining her certification as a community health worker and is now bridging key gaps between the Latino culture and today’s health care system. Maria says she’s proud to work in place that’s not only trained her to do her job but grow personally as well.

Araceli Avila Navarrete, Salud Program In 2012, Araceli moved from Michoacán, Mexico to the Columbia River Gorge, where she fulfilled her high school studies at Hood River Valley High School. After graduation, she obtained her credentials as a child development associate, then in 2015 became a certified community health worker (CCHW) through Nuestra Comunidad Sana’s training, offered by Next Door Inc. In addition, Araceli has worked as a teacher for Oregon Child Development Coalition, working with migrant families and supporting family wellness. She is passionate about working for the community and has a strategic vision and professional maturity that has come with working directly with people throughout the Gorge. Known as a solid team player, a creative type, and someone who values initiative and punctuality, Araceli is a much-appreciated part of One Community Heatlh. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking with her family, be with her children, dance and eat Italian food.