A proven tool for prevention, vaccines save between two and three million of lives every year. One Community Health offers immunizations to children, teens and adults, following the evidence-based guidelines outlined by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. As recommended, patients will receive vaccine education based upon their age, gender and unique risk factors. We do this through our team-based care as well as outreach throughout the Columbia River Gorge community.

It’s our experience that people sometimes have misunderstandings around vaccines or how they are given. If you have questions, know that we are here to listen to and coach you through any decision-making you may have. We want you to feel good about the health choices you make.

Thanks to Oregon law and other funding that supports our immunization program, vaccines are available to all Oregon children, regardless of their documentation status, ethnic background or ability to pay. Parents can learn about this opportunity through our perinatal program and well-child check ups.

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