New Patient INformation

Prior to visiting your provider, you will have a registration appointment with someone from our Patient Resource Team. The "new patient registration appointment" gives us time to meet personally with you, listen to your needs, and explain what it's like to receive support and services through us.

During this meeting, a Patient Resource Specialist guides you through the registration process and reviews key policies and procedures. We also use this time to discuss payment options, plus share information about health care programs (Medicaid or the Oregon/Washington health care plans), which may benefit you. If you need help signing up for these programs, we have certified assisters.

Beyond the scope of health care, should you also need other social service programs or resources that address food security, shelter, clothing, domestic violence and more, our team will readily share that information. Know we are here to help whenever you need us. And after your appointment, don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or feedback.

Preparing for Your Visit

Our appointments are scheduled, this allows adequate time to register and fill out all necessary forms. Please note:

  • Being on time ensures a more positive experience.

  • If you have insurance, please bring your information as well as anything else (e.g., list of medications) that will help us better understand your current health situation as well as any wellness goals. If you have questions, we suggest writing them down in advance and bringing them to your appointment.

  • At One Community Health, we serve both the insured and uninsured alike. We offer a Sliding Fee Discount Schedule based on family size and income. If you feel you qualify for our fee discount, please bring last year's tax returns or other proof of income. Please call us if you have questions. You can learn more about insurance and billing here.

  • For those who would like to complete registration forms in advance, they may be accessed here.

Transportation Resources

 Columbia Gorge 2016 Culture of Health. Mt Hood.

Need transportation to your appointment? Click here for information about Columbia Area Transit (CAT). Other transportation and local taxi services include:

  • Hood River Taxi (541.399.9954) - Hood River

  • Transportation Solutions (509.386.4983) - The Dalles

  • The Link public Transit (541.296.7595) - The Dalles

  • 5DOLLAR CAB (541.296.8900) - The Dalles

  • Mt. Adams Transportation Services (509.773.3757) - Klickitat County

  • Four Fifty Taxi (541.705.5956) - The Dalles

Transportation expenses may be covered by your insurance provider - please call them for questions. Or talk to a front desk staff team member if you need help with transportation.