Prenatal services are offered at our locations in Hood River and The Dalles. Our patients deliver babies at Providence Hood River Memorial Hospital, under the care of an experienced One Community Health physician.

We're very proud that all our family doctors provide prenatal services, taking care of you and your baby before and after the delivery. They also regularly train with teaching hospitals, such as Oregon Health & Sciences University. Educated on the latest and greatest of state-of-the-art practices, our providers bring this knowledge and power to you.

As an expectant mother, you're invited to participate in our prenatal and perinatal program, which gives you comprehensive support and education throughout your pregnancy. The journey of care includes meeting regularly with your preferred family physician. But you’ll also get the unique opportunity to develop a close relationship with a prenatal/perinatal community health worker, meeting with her every time you visit us. Dedicated to your pregnancy health, she is solely there to help you create a plan for prenatal education visits, lab work, ultrasounds and doctor's visits. She will also coordinate other health care appointments if needed. This valuable resource and relationship continues after each baby is born through extensive post-delivery follow up and support. Many mothers who go through this program come away feeling a special, unforgettable bond with their perinatal community health worker. This highly personalized experience puts you and your baby at the center of our team-based care, helping improve health outcomes for you both.

One Community Health also offers family-planning services, including:

  • oral contraceptives
  • IUDs
  • permanent sterilizations
  • vasectomies

We're happy to review the options so you can make a choice that best supports your plans for the future.


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Don't have insurance? A patient resource specialist can help you apply for general medical insurance or health care coverage for prenatal needs.