At One Community Health, our family medicine and pediatric providers work closely with parents to support children’s health and development. During regularly scheduled wellness visits, our providers monitor skills development, keep immunizations up to date, and educate parents on safety and healthy habits. We also are here to listen and respond to your concerns over time, for example, offering services, resources and support when your child hits adolescence or grows up “too fast” during those years.

If your child suffers from chronic disease and/or has developmental challenges, our unique model of care provides families with a team of providers, nurses, and support staff all focused on coordinating care with specialists and community services. In fact, all of our medical providers are trained and experienced in pediatric health care. We also have an in-house pediatrician who is also available and dedicated to more complicated cases.

No matter what age, if your child is hurt, ill or experiencing emotional or behavioral health challenges, we are here to help. We have providers on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. One Community Health will either make sure your child is seen as soon as possible by a medical provider or will provide expert nursing advice over the phone.