The Addiction Tree English

If you or a loved one is struggling with a substance use disorder, One Community Health’s unique integrated services can help. Through integrated care, our medical, dental and behavioral health teams put you at the center of care and work together to ensure you’re getting the support you need, when you need it most.

From the very start, the focus will be about building and sustaining a positive, motivating relationship with you. We want you to feel heard, understood and trusted. When we know more about you—and where you want to go in your wellness journey—we’ll give you guidance, offer treatment options and provide you with substance use disorder intervention (or outside referrals for treatment). Together, we’ll strive to get you where you want to go in life.

You are not alone. Substance use disorder is a challenge for many people—even right here in our region. In fact, the 2016 Columbia Gorge Regional Community Health Assessment shows the importance of addressing substance use alongside of physical health care.

In our community:

  • 21 percent of adults have three or more drinks on the days they drink

  • 15 percent use marijuana

  • 7 percent use other drugs (including opiates)

  • 19 percent use tobacco

In our community of young people:

  • 7 percent of teens reported having a substance use disorder

  • 5 percent of teens reported use prescription drugs without a doctor's orders

  • Only 22 percent of these youth are receiving treatment, leaving 78 percent without access to the proper substance use services


To improve health and wellness in our region, we’re giving patients access to evidence-based solutions that work and support them throughout recovery and beyond. Providing substance use disorder care for you from the perspective of whole-person health is one of the ways we do this. But equally important, our behavioral health counselors remain humble, respectful and active in the guidance and solutions they provide.

By providing these services to all One Community Health patients, we hope to improve the overall health of our community and address problematic substance use with a proactive approach that is person-centered, is trauma-informed, and minimizes stigma.

In addition to the full scope of substance use disorder services available to all our patients, One Community Health has medical teams that are specially trained to provide Medication Assisted Treatment for Opiate Use.