Primary care homes are:

Accessible – Care is available when you need it, including someone you can talk with after hours if you have health concerns.

Accountable – We are responsible for providing the highest quality care to you and the communities we serve.

Comprehensive – You get all the care, information and services you need to stay healthy.

Continuous – We get to know you and work with you over time to reach your health goals.

Coordinated – We help connect you with the care you need in a safe and timely way.

Patient & Family Centered – You and your family are the most important part of your health. Your care is delivered with respect for your cultural background, and in your preferred language. Many of our team members are bilingual (English/Spanish) and bicultural.


As our patient, you have a health care team who consistently strives to support you whether that's in person, over the phone, or through our online MyChart Patient Portal. We believe you get the best outcomes not by receiving health services and education from just one provider but through a team of people who care about and advocate for you.

Our health care teams are led by primary care providers and include registered nurses, behavioral health consultants, medical assistants, team assistants, patient access representatives and community health workers. If you're seeing a particular team in our medical department but wish to see a dentist or speak with one of our substance use counselors, we can make that professional a consistent member of your care team going forward.

We are committed to tackling the most urgent health issues facing our community and any barriers to care. Primary Care Homes like One Community Health make prevention and wellness a top priority. If you have a complex health condition, we can refer you to a specialist. Your health care team can also connect you to community resources such as healthy eating programs, exercise classes, the local housing authority or transportation services.

As our name confirms, One Community Health is a Primary Care Home for all in the Columbia River Gorge. Anyone is welcome here, and we embrace and honor diversity, believing it makes society healthier and happier in the end.


Meet some of our people: